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    Destini (Berdine Creedy)


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    Destini (Berdine Creedy)

    Post  Alison on Thu Dec 10, 2009 11:54 am

    I thought I'd post some photos here of my Creedy family. Did you all see that NetCollecting has all the 2008 girls on sale, cheap? I'd love to add Serenti to my collection. Also, I think I need Uniti--an original paint one, too.

    So I'll start with Destini.


    Outfit by Michele Hardy:

    Serious, face-up also by Michele. The wig is Monique Gold, and is either Pretty Girl or Paris in Carrot.

    Sleeping (the tiny is Olivia, a sleeping Elfdoll fairy. She's about 5.5"):

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