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    Post  Bo on Sun Mar 21, 2010 6:30 pm


    I am new here. I have been informed by Mae from BJD Collectasy that you are a forum who supports us new BJD artists. So, I'm here to say hello and introduce myself and my work. I really need feedback at this stage and would so love to hear what those of you who have been around the block as artists, as well as BJD lovers and collectors think of my work. I came from being an OOAK hobby artist for 14 years, the last three of which, I have worked part time selling my OOAK babies & toddlers. I did everything from a lifesized 4 year old down to tiny naked 2" newborns. Now, I've spent the last year falling in love with and learning my way in BJD's. I'm so in love that I've decided to go full throttle and start my own business and a whole new career at age 43! The last 7 months, I've dedicated my life to this new BJD career adventure full time and then some! My hubby and kids are so supportive and I am grateful. Doing what I love full time is an incredible blessing.

    You can see my all new resin BJD babies at my company website Sugar Baby BJD's

    You can learn more about me at my OOAK doll website Bo Bergemann Artistry

    I will truly appreciate any time and effort you can give to encourage me to bettering myself and my dolls and my website and new BJD business!

    Bo Bergemann

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