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    A small Alice problem (image heavy)


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    A small Alice problem (image heavy)

    Post  Alison on Thu Dec 10, 2009 12:20 pm

    So at least I can admit it. I do have a small Alice problem.

    And with the announcement of both Paulette's limited edition Dark and Light Alices--oh dear!!--and Simply Alice (is she an Alice in Wonderland, Kim??)--I think I might need to start an Alice-in-Wonderland Anonymous group. Wink

    Lots of OOAK clothing, by Michele Hardy and Nancie of Nankatts. (The SD doll is a Peak's Woods Sky. You may recognize Secret, Whisper, Adeline Joy, Ashlyn and Goth Alice by Goodreau, Kim Lasher's Anya in a black wig, Berdine Creedy's Destini (sleeping then waking up), and some fashion dolls, too.)

    Goth Alice, 12" resin by Goodreau (mini Julia sculpt--my first EVER resin BJD. She got my hooked.)

    My SD-sized Peak's Woods SKy as a mod Alice. (Nancie from Nankatts did her outfit.)

    Island Doll Cookie (as pink Alice) and Sky redressed as blue Alice. (DollHeart clothes)

    DollZone Morphoa (SD sized) in an outfit by Michele Hardy. Sort of shepherdess Bohemian Alice. Wink With Kai (Elfdoll Tiny), a very crabby fairy.

    Ashlyn (outfit by Nancie of Nankatts) and Adeline Joy (in Snappy outfit), wigs by Michele Hardy.

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